The Power of Grustle
Grustle is an extremely powerful concept. Combining both grind and hustle shifts the odds in your favor. Regardless of your technical ability as an entrepreneur, grustle can help you get one step closer to your ultimate goals.

Grind and hustle are skills that anyone can learn and practice, which is why we encourage you to keep these concepts in mind when pursuing your own entrepreneurial endeavors.

The combination of grind and hustle can lead to your unparalleled business success.

What’s GRUSTLE mean? Grustle means waking up every day prepared to do whatever is required to get to the next level.

* It means being consistently on your A-Game.
* It means holding and following through with what you say you will do.
* It means committing to discipline.
* It means being prepared for acting and counter-acting in any circumstance.
* It’s the power of seeing and creating opportunity when the air gets thin because you have the drive, tenacity and determination to dominate your dreams!

And ultimately it means when times get hard or success seems unattainable, it requires pushing past those challenges because you have the drive, the dream, and the conviction to do so.

Long story short, it’s the modern day version of “Carpe diem.” Applying and putting your “Grind Before Glory - Heart Before Hustle”

Britton Costa -


We started off as

a very small business

This Book is for the leader in all of us. I wanted to put everything that I have learned about leadership and how to create an unstoppable legacy into a simple guide for anyone to read. I have included lessons that I have not only picked up on my own, but many facts that that I have learned directly from others. This book will explain how to create a formula that will teach how to reach goals with precise Vision, lead your Team to win multiple victories, dive into your imagination, apply an all-in mindset with everything you do, and much, much more. Until recently, I didn't realize that I lived by a "code" in business. I was simply doing what I know works best. Now, it's time to share that code with you. When you want to get deeper into the Content, grab my V-Book too and gain those extra Insights only available on the Video Program!